Using Nasal Stents for Congestion

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Allergy Relief

Reduce Nasal Congestion with Airway Stents

The sun is shining, the air is warm and after a long winter, it feels so great to finally get outside. The awakening of Spring is here, but unfortunately for many, with that comes allergy season. Those who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms are aware of the looming watery eyes, sneezing and nasal congestion due to allergens in the air. Dare we leave the house without our tissue? Of the above-mentioned symptoms, nasal congestion has repeatedly been proven as the leading complaint by allergy sufferers and the one symptom associated with the most economic burden. The effect of Allergic Rhinitis on individual patients as well as society as a whole is extensive, resulting in significant direct and indirect costs as well as diminished quality of life.

Contrary to popular belief, nasal congestion does not stem from an overproduction of mucus causing your nose to become plugged or “stuffed up”. Rather the feeling of being congested has to do with the tissues and blood vessels lining the nasal passage becoming inflamed and swollen.

While congestion from a cold or virus typically dissipates after several days to a week, there are some who experience these symptoms chronically or at specific times in the year. With allergies, in particular, the symptoms can last as long as you’re exposed to the allergen.

Allergic Rhinitis affects one-quarter of the population worldwide and can dramatically reduce the quality of life. Congestion causes individuals suffering from Allergic Rhinitis to experience reduced daytime productivity and reduced sleep quality.

Typical over-the-counter cold medicines aren’t able to offer effective relief. Oral decongestants can narrow the blood vessels throughout the body, especially the tissues lining your nose, providing a temporary remedy. While nasal decongestants provide quick relief, they should not be used for more than 3 days consecutively and are not a long-term solution. With extended use, your body can become dependent on the decongestant and prolong your symptoms. Antihistamines may slow the production of mucus, however, these medicines don’t treat the problem, just the symptoms. Chronic nasal congestion can cause sleep-disordered breathing resulting in poor sleep quality as well as daytime fatigue and brain fog. There is, however, another solution…


Drug and Surgery-Free Solution to Reducing Nasal Congestion

Alaxo Airway Stents provide a natural, medication and surgery-free solution to reduce nasal congestion. We recommend wearing our nasal stents at night to open your nasal passages so you can breathe better and wake up ready to tackle the day. The stents are designed to mechanically splint open the nasal passage or soft palate depending on the stent selected. The stent braid is made from shape memory metal nitinol which comfortably sits in the nasal passage compressing the inflamed tissue and allowing for increased airflow. Easy to both insert and remove, our stents are discrete and easy to care for.

For optimal results during allergy season, we recommend wearing Airway Stents at night when you are at home in an allergen-free environment. Airway Stents are a long-term solution to get you back to feeling like yourself. If you are tired of temporary solutions it may be time for you to try Airway Stents. With use for up to 18 months, the stents are reusable and can be worn for up to 18 hours. Our Airway Care Team can find the right stent for you and answer any questions you may have. What are you waiting for?