Airway Stents For Athletes

Why use Airway Stents while exercising?

Enhance your athletic performance

Improve endurance

Speed up recovery time

With improved nasal breathing, your performance can be significantly enhanced with:


  • No drugs
  • No stimulants
  • No doping
  • A natural mechanical effect

A clinical study at the German Sport University Cologne has proven that by nasal breathing with the stents during exercise:

  • Breathing is slower and deeper.
  • Improved circulation.
  • Supply of oxygen, nitric oxide and nutrients to the muscles is more efficient.
  • Improved health of mitochondria (cellular powerhouses).
  • Better muscle recovery.

The Airway Sport Stents are intended for use during sports and are made with a stiffer braid to provide a stronger opening force.

Enhance performance across all physical activities including cycling, running, weight training, yoga, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and more!