Who We Are


We are Alaxo Canada Inc., and we’re proud to sell reusable Airway Stents to optimize your nasal breathing.

About Us

Alaxo Airway Stents has competence in the development and manufacturing of complex stent designs. Alaxo Canada Inc., includes a product line of Airway Stents in varying sizes to best fit your needs: Nasal Airway Stents, Sport Nasal Airway Stents and Soft Palate Stent.


What Is A Nasal Stent?

There are two different Airway Stent lengths that splint either the anterior nasal cavity only (2”) or the full length nasal passage (3”). The nasal stent is designed specifically for use in the nasal cavity.

The design of the stent braid is made from shape memory metal nitinol. It has a ball-shaped widening that gets positioned at the nose, while the cylindrical longer portion opens the turbinates. Our Airway Stents are FDA registered medical devices.

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