Nasal Airway Stents

Nasal Airway Stents


The Nasal Airway Stents are an FDA-registered medical device. It can be used to mechanically splint open the nasal airway, alleviating snoring and improving athletic performance. The stents are self inserted by the user and can be worn up to 18 hours at a time, day or night.

There are two different Nasal Airway Stent lengths that splint either the anterior nasal cavity only (2”) or the full-length nasal passage (3”). It was designed specifically for use in the nasal cavity. Once you place an order for the Airway Stents, our Airway Care Team will decide which size to send out based on the Patient Questionnaire you fill out.


The smooth stent braid is made from memory metal nitinol. It has a ball shaped widening which is positioned at the nasal valve and a cylindrical longer section which splints the turbinates.  Causes of snoring can be nasal alar collapse, nasal valve collapse or turbinate hyperplasia.

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2 inches or 3 inches. After you have filled out the patient questionnaire, our Airway Care Team will determine the stent size you need.


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