Soft Palate Stent

Soft Palate Stent

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The Soft Palate Stent is clinically tested for treatment of patients with sleep-disordered breathing and/or mild obstructive sleep apnea. It provides numerous advantages in handling and convenience over a CPAP machine.

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The Soft Palate Stent creates a continuous air passage that enables unobstructed breathing and thereby eliminates sleep apnea. The stent is installed by the patient and can be used 18 hours a day. The stent is a smooth tubular braid made from a memory-shaped nitinol metal. The braid is compressed with a thin application tube before installation. The tube is slowly introduced through one nasal passage into the throat. When released from the tube, the nitinol braid self expands and splints open the soft palate. Thereby, the stent prevents the collapse of the airway.

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4 reviews for Soft Palate Stent

  1. Jim done

    It takes some work but awesome results

  2. Anthony Liberti (verified owner)

    Absolute life-changer/life-saver in my case.

    It did take several days of getting used to and acclimated to the device – gag reflex/swollen nasal passage/mucous production, etc.

    But by ‘sticking with it’ and ‘staying the course’ every night – I quickly became much more comfortable with the device. This is worth noting – because I almost gave up.

    Now – just as advertised – I have little to no episodes of ‘not breathing’ anymore (used to experience several per hour). And I have reduced snoring down to virtually none.

    I am currently also using an oral appliance that forces me to breath nasally – this eliminates dry/sore throat and uvula vibration. Seems to be a great combination of tools for me.

    I use the SnoreLab app to record my sleep. The results and change in quality sleep and elimination of OSA has been INCREDIBLE.

  3. Mr. K.

    I want to express my satisfaction with your product [AlaxoStent]. It saves me use of a CPAP mask and of an oral appliance, whereas the latter has become ineffective. According to the testing performed by Dr. R. (Cologne) my nightly breathing stops are in an acceptable range which leads to a significant increase to my quality of life.

    What I do not understand, though, is that there may arise problems during application. Use is comparable, after some period of adaptation, to the insertion of contact lenses. It is clear that no case is like another, but it is not intelligible for me that users of CPAP masks do not massively switch to your product.

  4. Suraj P.

    I have been using this product for 8+ years every single day ( the 6 inch long one), almost ever since they began to sell. I was so confident in their design, In fact I was the first few customers to import this product to the USA, to try. I was so very sure it would work and yes alas it did stand by its design.

    It is designed/engineered perfectly to keep the back of my throat open when I sleep, helping me breath and not snore. Back in 2012 i had 30+ apneas per hr, and had a terrible sleep quality, ever since i started using this product, i have less than 1-2 apneas in an hr, my fitbit data validates it with long stretches of good deep sleep, and i feel rested every morning without fail.
    The snorelab app data too shows no or minimal sound.

    It’s so small I can carry it in my backpack, and there is absolutely no issue in any airport security check, its carry case is sleek like a powerbank and weighs less than 10 grams (inclusive of the box).

    I would give this a first try before any CPAP, in fact i had tried CPAP, BiPAP but i wasn’t complacent, and then no looking back after trying this. But yes for few people this could be adjoint/coupled with their CPAP for better results.
    I have tried MAD(mandibular advancement device) too, but sleep study showed only 15% improvement, and I had to let go of it.

    I had met at least a dozen ENT specialists who recommended a surgery to advance my mandible and reengineer the structure of my throat, but they never guaranteed me of any end results, which could cost me over $50000+ stress + pain. however i did get uvulectomy and partial turbinectomy, with ZERO improvements.
    Just go ahead and give it a shot. It took me 15 -30 days to feel comfortable. The team was always there to guide us to insert it in the right way. You have to stick to it. and it will change your life for good.

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